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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

Brazilian Embassy in Berlin Germany 

Wallstrasse 57

10179 Berlin - Germany

Germany, Luebeck, June 06, 2019

Joy of life and temperament or rather the Carnival in Rio is the order of the day!

Please let that German language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the people responsible.

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Readers, Dear Brazilians, Dear Ambassadors,

As shown by a good documentary on German television, as a Brazilian you too obviously live in different “castes”.

About 65% of the population are Catholics, 13% Pentecostals, 8%  are without religious and a minority of different faiths make up the total volume.

The bottom caste of a neglected neighborhood in your country was likely made into a film by portraying some Brazilians as evangelists and preachers, who came off incredibly hateful and ruling via the broadcaster.

In addition, a talented little boy came to the public scene as a so-called evangelist, who was adored and taken seriously even by older people as a kind of a prophet.

What kind of nonsense are you doing and what is going to become of such a boy, e. g., who has already shed his childlike innocence and carelessness, in that his father, who is also a preacher, uses cunning and in an astute way to ensure that the Bell bag is also filled by the poorest of the poor ?!

Have you really taken leave of your senses?

A priest who was once a drug addict was also present at such an event and let the boy have his way.

How do you, as so-called Christians, actually deal with your belief in God and why have the valuable letters of my person through other Christians not reached you as Latin Americans?

One could attach to such a practiced behavior that you are still savages from the old days, whose want to take action against all evil with loud slogans and anger, but become aggressive and feisty yourselves!

Then you have a few people with you who use the basis of the Bible and do everything possible to be able to appear credible, because there are indeed laws of nature and the true corresponding Ten Commandments are also valid.

In Brazil, an abortion is punished with four years in prison, which of course should only act as a deterrent, because the natural retribution for the crime of an abortion is certainly not dismissed with four years in prison.

With this law, the legislature thus plans a killing of an unborn human life through the social behavior of people, whereby the killed life stood at the beginning of its human incarnation and creation and could not defend oneself in any way, since the killing by the power of the law with consequences or with prison sentence is connected and thus the law was created and legitimized.

A murderer of someone who has already been found in the world, on the other hand, is often given life imprisonment in order to receive his just punishment and to atone or pay off his guilt.

Through this legislation you, as a Brazilian, make a difference in the gravity of the act, but you are unfortunately confusing the gravity of the act of an abortion with an obvious murder, whereby the gravity of an abortion can basically no longer be served on earth and thus logically a maximum death penalty would have to be imposed for all involved!

It is of course still better to declare a punishment than to agree to an abortion, but if you are already calling out a punishment, then at least the appropriate and real punishment should already be applied on earth without a time limit, i. e. at least for life, which of course is valid worldwide.

However, due to the multitude of killings in a life planned by Creation or by fate, all those involved ones feel fairly secure in their actions, which, however, exclusively and without exception for the end of time, which according to the Revelation of John will take place through corresponding achievements and could be justified towards Creaction, but the individual case will always remain an exceptional case.

Thus, as the Brazilians, although one has to speak of savages, you not only attack the Lord God through your “prophetic carnival”, probably because you and those like you will never have learned to deal with such true connections, but also you attack Creation.

Every thinking person should know that a person allows oneself to intervene in Creation through a single abortion, which at least a Catholic knows very well!

For this reason, too, mankind has long "cleared away" the Lord or destroyed him down to the last residue; or to put it another way: The Lord God left us humans long ago and basically had to leave us!

But if Creation is then also threatened by humanity or Creation has to say goodbye for further additional reasons, whereby there will probably be a few different Creators, my person does not want to know what will become of us humans and our ancestors!

But from this step it goes on to the next step.

Because of this, something new is coming to mankind. It can have positive or negative effects.

This is about a “Servant of God as a Cudgel” of the Empress, my person.

As a deity in the transitional period he takes the place of the Lord Jesus, our Lord God, in order to bring about something new, presumably because the old will pass away.

And this deity will work together with humanity to ensure justice and order in the world and elsewhere, with especially those, who have a bad life balance and getting their chance for a change in order to be able to come to the right side of life!

In plain language, this means for your country that every financially rich one has to ensure, that there will no longer be the above-mentioned caste-ghettos in a rich country such as Brazil, and that these ghettos will be dissolved by a just redistribution of goods and must take place to the poor or disadvantaged people.

The many drug addicts and affected young people who have to make their way on the street will all, without exception, have to be gotten a home in one of the castles on earth, as well as the mentally ill ones, in that the family members should be involved in the matter, so that they can be on site with their help and with the help of the designated and qualified people, to be able to leave the diabolical danger circles, in which many of those affected are.

Others who caused the damage, like the drug dealers, will have to go into these danger circles to get back down to earth and on the right side!

To that in the above-mentioned TV documentary addressed the problem of homosexual marriages and all abnormal forms of sexuality as well as all other forms of life such as celibacy, one has to deal with the "goodbye" of our Lord God, because these connections are clearly recognizable.

These deviations from the norm have arisen through life and have been determined by fate, whereby the adversary of God can always be directly or indirectly involved, which is an essential part of a person's free will.

So nobody has the right to discrimination other people*, but on the contrary one should keep the norm created by God and not leave it lightly without at least questioning these deviations from the norm in order to be able to find answers!

Just as e. g. an aborted one has left the world as an immature one, just as he can come back into the world again, although fate will not have it in common with such an aborted immature soul, since the devil has had the upper hand through the attack of life, what must have an end immediately and worldwide!

A miscarriage, on the other hand, was determined by fate without the hand of the devil, which makes a huge difference for everyone involved and a huge difference in the matter!

My person must hereby claim the right to know better, so that all discussions about even one single abortion become obsolete!

Should my person visit your country incognito, then I would like a certain order without finding the “evangelistic carnival” and I would like to find all drug addicts and other lost young people in the castles of your country, that have been set up immediately and appropriately, even though no one may be there starve and live on the streets without proper care.

I also expect a mutual, accommodating and polite meeting in this difficult situation.

The end of every abortion worldwide is one of the prerequisites for progress in the matter and commission of the Lord, the other is the end of hunger in the world!

With the references to the various documents written by my person and to the immediate payment of the necessary funds by the rich Brazilian Church for all young people affected,

I remain

With best Regards

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: Unfortunately, this document has become a bit long and time-consuming, but that is also due to your "wild lifestyle" as a Latin American.

Please let the content of this letter be translated truthfully, especially into the many languages of Latin America.

As those in charge and as Christians in other countries, divide this letter into sections according to social class, for it is intended for everyone!

For reasons that can be identified in terms of content, this document will have to be included and published on one of my new travel preparation homepages!